Why You Should Use Cloudflare

Because it’s fast

Is that not a good enough reason? Because it should be!

There is more, let me run down some of the benefits:

  • Speed (Faster Load Times)
  • Security (DDOS Protection)
  • Simple To Manage
  • Free!

Cloudflare Dashboard

Let’s Talk About Speed

So we all know, a customer will click off your site if it takes too long to load.

Google hates it too you know! So your potential customers may never even attempt to load your site.

How about Security

CloudFlare has a built in Firewall, This allows you to fine tune your security settings on a domain level basis.

You can challenge your visitor to answer a question if you want, block certain IP ranges and many more things.

It gives you all the power through a really simple to manage interface, which brings me to my next point.

Simple to manage

As you can see from the image some way up the page, the interface is much cleaner than lets say Fasthost’s DNS management.

It’s really simple to setup too, point your domains nameservers to CloudFlares (assuming you have an account) and your pretty much away.

DNS propogation is super quick too!


But you already knew that :)

Go give it a try.