Dropbox Business Blog

Dropbox Business Blog

While working for Damage, I have had the ongoing opportunity to work on elements of the Dropbox Business Blog.

The first task received was to build a bespoke landing page template that would be used to create dynamic landing pages based around specific target markets e.g Education.

The brief was pretty simple, that was to make it very much configurable through the WordPress Admin area. This meant extensive use of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and armed with the designs, I set to work.

The backend dev aspect of this project was relatively straightforward and was a case of efficiently setting up the ACF details for the new page template.

Then it was a case of putting together the frontend, which was done using the twig templating library. Due to the really nice syntax when it comes to including partials.

The biggest hurdle to overcome was the timing of the header slider, I had decided to use Swiper to power the basic “sliderness” of the element but it didn’t offer an out of the box solution for a progress bar on a per slide basis so I decided to write one bespoke. This proved tricky when it came to starting the timer for the first slide as the code was firing too soon, but some simple alterations got that issue resolved pretty quickly.

There are some more updates in the pipeline for this site, looking forward to them.