My Vic Story

My Vic Story

The My Vic Story project was a relatively simple PSD to HTML task. Working for an Agency out in Australia, I was provided a set of high fidelity designs that simply needed turning to robust and performant HTML and CSS (with a sprinkling of JavaScript for some animation)

The nature of the project was simple, I was working to a fixed layout (no scrolling) and had to make it work across a range of browsers. I achieved this through a decent amount of media queries and percentage based positioning and fonts.

The project required a quick turnaround and had a pretty tight budget, so decisive thinking and accurate execution were of the upmost importance.

The first step to setup was some form of CI/CD so that updates could be seen by the client on a regular basis. For this I decided that Netlify was the best way forward, as they have a fantastic system for deploying static sites.

From here, it was simply a case of getting the HTML and CSS done.