Olivers Island

Olivers Island

The Olivers Island project was completed while working for Damage, the project was quite simple. Make the site work again.

The site is effectively powered by the Vimeo API, the problem was, there was a custom library written to parse the Vimeo API which was now outdated. Which meant it could no longer get any data.

The site has it’s bases firmly rooted in PHP, so choosing the standard Vimeo PHP library was the obvious choice. So I pulled this in through composer and set the autoloader up, perfect.

I then realised that the API had significantly changed how the data was passed in, so began the process of updating all the wrapper functions that prepared the data for each component and view.

But, the result, a website is now back up and running. They are now looking at a full refresh, I cannot wait to see what they come up with!