Run For Charity

Working for Roy&Co, I had the opportunity to work on a project for Sports Media Agency. Alongside the team we developed an online platform for hosting many Sport for Charity Websites.

Sports Media Agency

The first step in this project was planning out our options for delivery, we toyed with the idea of using Angular but due to heavy SEO requirements decided to go with Lumen for the Front End. For the Back End we used Laravel.

Then we had to work on setting up the database to make it extendable with more

An interesting requirement for this system was to have the frontend easy to multiply and therefore be controlled from the backend. The Front End is controlled from a single .env file which sends parameters with all queries to the Back End for the current site.

Content for each of the sites is controlled simply through choosing the site in the Back End, no need to login and logout, just flick a switch.

Tech Used:

  • Lumen
  • Laravel
  • jQuery
  • Gulp