Sharp Skips

The Sharp Skips project was completed whilst working at Damage. The brief was pretty straightforward, they were looking to modernise their existing website. After an initial phone consultation, I had a pretty good idea what they were looking for, so set to work on Sketch to update the branding and set the typography / components up.

Sharp Skips

This quickly progressed onto code, the first task was bringing the build system up to speed. I setup Gulp to process the sass & included Babel to compile ES6 javascript.

From then, I took to work building the different components so that pages could be put together quickly and gives them the opportunity to change the layouts in the future without needing to start from scratch again.

After our conversation, it was apparent that speed was of the most importance. To compliment this, I brought all the services onto one page and implemented a sticky nav that simply scrolled to the relevant location:

Sharp Skips

A simple solution, which is tracked / updated on scroll, which in turn changes the location hash.

Tech Used

  • PHP
  • ES6
  • SASS