The Skolorr project was done whilst working at Damage and is one of the largest and most technically challenging sites that I have been a part of.

My role on the project was that of Lead Developer & Project Manager. In turn, I wrote most of the frontend for the Marketplace, along with the main architecture of the backend API that powers the frontend.

The site is effectively an online marketplace for independent watch vendors to list their products and give them an efficient outlet for making sales.

The scale of the site is quite vast, with automated sales commissions being taken for the site owners which is actually on a sliding scale based on the value of each sale. Running in the backend is also quite a complex Analytics dashboard to provide the site owners with valuable metrics to make decisions on the site moving forward. Powering the frontend is a fully featured caching mechanism to aid in scalability which is backed by Redis.

The main framework powering the site is Laravel, which is split into a frontend and an API (leaving the door open for native apps in the future). Laravel has proven to be an effective tool for me in the past so was a no brainer for a bespoke system such as this and I would happily choose it again.

Interestingly, the blog area & page content is still powered by WordPress for it’s fantastic CMS capabilities. This is all achieved by piping the WordPress data in through the WP Rest API which is then in turn cached by our bespoke frontend.