Wycar Leys

I was tasked by Wycar Ley’s to update their website and bring it up to modern standards. Here is a sneak preview to what they did have, a static flat file website which was looking rather dated.

Wycar Old Website

So I had a list of requirements from the client:

  • Whitespace
  • Big Images
  • Modern Look and Feel
  • Some Sort of CMS

That was about it, just a nice clean modern website.

This is the design which we settled on:

Wycar Design

So I began building it, using WordPress with some custom post types, it came together quite quickly and everyone was excited.

There was a couple of small design tweaks that we went through, but nothing major (We put the slider inside a container, the client preferred the look of this + made it easier for them to update their photos)

Overall a nice project to be a part of.

Tech Used:

  • Wordpress
  • WowJS
  • Animate.CSS
  • Bootstrap Sass
  • Gulp
  • Browserify

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